" said Obama, noting if the administration "tried to overthrow Gaddafi by force, our coalition would splinter. We would likely have to put U. S. troops on the ground." Full story .

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arms, while 10 percent oppose such laws. Related: Newtown of Connecticut on healing journey, mystery remains WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- One day after a gunman shot and killed 2.

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ger airlines have to report any delays to the Department, which will publish airline delays every month. He said the new rule has been proved effective by reducing airline delays. M.

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as saying that the village of Baghan has been completely damaged. The epicenter of the quake, with a depth of 12 km, was initially determined to be at 28.48 degrees north latitude.

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unways. Passengers exited using the emergency slides and took buses back to the terminal. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued ground stop for some airports, said the air.

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its "activity zone." So far, the terror group has branches in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Analysis by U.S. intelligence agencies notes that the al-Qaida has also .

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he store in the surrounding area of the West Fertilizer plant sustained damages from the impact of the blast. Galvan was not at the shop at the time of the blast, but what she exp.

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ment (SOFA) signed by the United States and Japan in 2006. Under that agreement, marines currently based at the urban Futenma facility in Okinawa were to be moved to a more rural.

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to coordinate that effort, we're prepared to do that," he added. MILITARY ASSISTANCE The United States is sending aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to Haiti to assist the relief ef.

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