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ording the Cummiskey, Holmes seemed unmotivated and "annoyed " during his final project, admissions that may help the defense's position that Holmes' schizophrenia was accelerati


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gs in the past ... and it's a little harder than you think it is," said McCain, who just visited Benghazi, a stronghold of the Libyan opposition forces. "We don't know exactly whe.

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eters depth, 50 kilometers southeast to Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, and 160 kilometers west to the Guatemala City. Local media said that people who felt the quake went to the stre.

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ing nations and China, was adopted with 124 in favor, 11 against and 41 abstentions. "If 124 United Nations member countries have backed Argentina, it means Argentina is right in i.

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gn oil -- both politically popular ideas.? But it also means that the president extended olive branch to Republicans for?a climate change bill languishing in Congress. For more th.

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an agreement or sign any document in the two-day talks. ?Iran announced readiness for the talks to continue for another day. ? TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- Iran's representative to th.

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region. CELAC is a successor of the Rio Group and CALC, and its essential objectives are as follows: -- To reaffirm the preservation of democracy and democratic values, the validit.

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for dialogue. The Syrian conflict has been a major topic in the recent Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) summit held in Cairo. On the sidelines of the conference, Egyptian Pr.

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undswell of support nor wide opposition to a Biden candidacy within the Democratic Party. The poll, conducted between Aug. 5 and Aug. 9, found that 19 percent of Democrats say th.

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y concerned and angered by the revelations. Bernardo said officials were particularly concerned about possible industrial espionage. Brazil's Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota said .

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ng Chile among the world's developed nations, Larrain said at the opening of the 34th National Business Meeting. Previously, the government of President Sebastian Pinera, in power.


g an earthquake drill at Highlands Elementary School in Vancouver, Canada, Jan. 26, 2011. The Great British Columbia Shakeout earthquake drill took place on Wednesday to enhance p

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ent. "I will be traveling to India next week as planned," said Clinton, adding that it is more important than ever that "we stand with India." Earlier the day, U.S. President Barack

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staff. His brother stepped in two days before polling and carried the gubernatorial race. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Opposition candidate Mirlande Manigat, who lead polls.

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man in U.S. state of Minnesota who was believed to be plotting a terrorist attack, the agency's local division announced on Monday. The FBI special agents arrested Buford Rogers, .

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Llocal time (1130 GMT), according to a written statement released by Hatay Governor's Office.? Full story Turkey deploys military vehicles along border with Syria ANKARA, Oct. 6 (Xin.

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sing the counting of votes to ensure a transparent process. In the March 20 elections Haitians voted between former first lady Miralnde Manigat and popular singer Michel Martelly..

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mmad Hanif Atmar and NATO's senior civilian representative to Afghanistan Maurits R. Jochems signed the agreement. Under the agreement, limited number of NATO forces, probably more.

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ns and is in favor of closing the National Assembly. One lesson from Thursday's police revolt, he said, was that problems should solved through dialogue and constitutional channels

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nt Hugo Chavez proceeded through the city.? Full story More world leaders offer condolences over Chavez's death CARACAS, March 6 (Xinhua) -- So far 10 leaders from foreign countrie

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mbers of U.S. Congress. She said: "We mean what we say. You have an ally in Australia, an ally for war and peace, an ally for hardship and prosperity, an ally for the 60 years past

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